Data Retention Policy

Recruit4staff (Wrexham) LTD, Recruit4staff (NW) Limited and Recruitment Agency Support Limited maintains records in line with our General Data Protection Policy (GDPR) and those of the Information Commissioner's Office - to ensure that our business runs efficiently and complies with statutory requirements.


Recruit4staff (Wrexham) Ltd, Recruit4staff (NW) Limited and Recruitment Agency Support Limited ensures that all records are kept in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations of 2018.

We at Recruit4staff (Wrexham) Ltd, Recruit4staff (NW) Limited and Recruitment Agency Support Limited are constantly striving to uphold and work to best practice when working with/dealing with personal data


The data that we acquire/store falls in to 3 categories which have their own different retention periods. These are -

  • Initial Contact Data
  • Registered/Vetted data
  • Payroll Data





No meaningful contact made to vet/qualify the candidate

3 months

Candidates we have spoken to and vetted/qualified their interest in providing recruitment services too

6 months

Registered candidates for temporary work

2 years (24 months)

Registered candidates for permanent work

2 years (24 months)





Candidate records including application form/CV, ID checks terms of engagement

2 years

Hirer records including client details, terms of business (see below also), assignment/ vacancy details

1 year from the last date of supply -Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment

Businesses Regulations 2003 (Conduct Regulations)

Candidate Consent forms

2 years

Terms of Engagement with temporary worker and Terms of Business with clients

6 years in order to deal with any civil action in the form of contractual claim (Limitation Act 1980).Although this is only 5 years in Scotland we maintain 6 years

Staff records including CV, ID, bank details, reference information and other personnel information (e.g. absence & disciplinary records)

2 years from employee termination date

Working time records:

·         48 hour opt out notice

·         Annual leave records

2 years from the time they were created

Annual appraisal/ assessment records

5 years (Under the DPA no specific period is detailed so records should only be kept as long as necessary)


2 years - Conduct Regulations require references to be kept for 1 year

Right to work in the UK

7 years after employment or engagement has ended






Pay roll data including:

·         Bank details

·         National Insurance number

·         Full Name of candidate

·         Address details, including postcode

·         Payslips




7 years

Sickness records – statutory sick pay

7 years

Statutory maternity, paternity, adoption pay

7 years from the end of the tax year to which it relates

Pension auto-enrolment

7 years (including for opt out notices)

Any data relating to

·         Child Maintenance Service (formally the Child Support Agency)

·         Department of working pension (DWP)

·         Office for National Statistics (ONS)

·         HMRC

·         Earnings forms

·         Council requests

·         Working Links




7 years

Once the retention period has lapsed, Recruit4staff (Wrexham) Ltd, Recruit4staff (NW) Limited and Recruitment Agency Support Limited will use the correct method in order to destroy the data (both physical and online data) – which are in line with ICO guidelines

This policy does not supersede any legislation when the candidate/data owner wishes to exercise their right for deletion/right to be forgotten, which will then fall under the guidance of our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy