The history of Chester extends back nearly two millennia, covering all periods of British history in between then and the present day. The city of Chester was founded as a fort, known as Deva, by the Romans in AD 79. The city grew as a trading port until the power of the Port of Liverpool overtook it. However, the city did not decline and during the Georgian and Victorian periods was seen as a place of escape from the more industrial cities of Manchester and Liverpool.
We do not go back anywhere near that far, however, in our brief history, we have provided 100's of job seekers with exciting opportunities in Chester and the surrounding industrial areas of Deeside, Ellesmere Port, Flint, and Mold. 
Our client base in the local area ranges from Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales, through to servicing accountancy practices. We are a truly diverse recruitment agency with a vast quantity of experience.
If you are looking for staff or seeking your next opportunity please call our team at your earliest convenience.