After various enquires we have decided to provide an update about our Pension auto-enrolment date, our confirmed staging date for Pension reform is 01 July 2017.

This date is applied to Recruit4staff as we are relatively new company and has been provided by the pensions regulator.

We will not be making any changes in our agreed rates in relation to pension reform until 2017. 

What is Pension reform:

Every employer will have a date from when the automatic enrolment duties come into force for their business. This is called an employer’s ‘staging date’. Automatic enrolment is being staged in over a period of six years, which started with the largest employers in 2012.

Staging dates are based on the size of an employer’s PAYE scheme on 1 April 2012 – the more people in the PAYE scheme at that time, the earlier the staging date. If you use more than one PAYE scheme, your staging date is based on the total number of people in the largest one that you use.

Who do I need to put into a pension scheme?

You must automatically enrol all staff who are:

  • aged 22 to state pension age
  • working in the UK
  • earning over £9,440 a year.
  • Some staff who don’t meet the criteria above are able to opt in to the pension scheme you’re using for automatic enrolment. You must put them in if they ask.
  • You’ll have to pay a minimum employer contribution for all staff you put into this scheme.
  • Certain other staff can ask to join a pension scheme. You must put these staff in a scheme, but the rules are different and there’s no requirement for you to pay an employer contribution.
  • It’s the age and earnings of a member of staff that determines what ‘type’ of worker they are and therefore what duties you’ll have for them.

What will the cost be?

The information provided by The Pension Regulator is as follows;


Employer minimum contribution

Total minimum contribution

Employer's staging date to 30 September 2017



1 October 2017 to 30 September 2018



1 October 2018 onwards



For further information please contact 01978 365111.


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