What is it all about?

Simple: building a great recruitment business!


The recruitment sector is changing

Recruitment is a sector which is going through a period of meaningful change, whether it is the application of automation, technological improvements or the shifting labour market.

We are operating in an industry which is changing rapidly. Just think. Where do you advertise a role? Ten years ago newspapers were great, eight years ago job boards were the new norm.

Now it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, job boards, google ad-words, your own website and a host of other channels.

This is a situation which leads to experienced recruiters spending days looking for the ideal candidate for a specific role and still not necessarily covering all the relevant marketing options, leaving minimal time to do what you love best - meeting your clients and developing relationships.

We believe that the days of a 360° consultant are numbered due to the sheer volume of time that  must be spent on candidate generation and the changing market conditions we operate in. We believe the solution is 180° recruiting. More on this in a moment!

We have spent two years re-engineering our recruitment processes and systems of work and are now on target to deliver a 20% year on year growth figure. Some of our consultants are billing in excess of £30k of gross margin per month without having to work ridiculous hours.

We are looking for people like you

We are looking for people like you to join our group as either a franchise operator or as a joint venture. You will be able to take advantage of some of the great support and services. We can offer a truly end to end Recruitment Agency Support service including:

  • Candidate Generation

  • Resourcing, vetting & shortlistings of candidates

  • Industry leading recruitment software solution

  • Finance package

  • Payroll, invoicing and credit control

  • IT support

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